ULiège, Gembloux Agro-biotech, Belgium

    5 tropical grow chambers with light control, shelfves and lighting
  • 1 replacement of the lighting in a invitro room
  • 1 relighting of a research greenhouse
  • 1 relighting of the whole enthomology department research facilites

IRD Montpellier, France

  • Relighting of 5 grow chambres
  • Supply of 250 grow lights for research greenhouses

INRA Toulouse, France

    Supply of lighting fixtures for 6 grow rooms
    Revamping of a 7th grow room
    Supply of the lighting for a phenotyping robot chamber

INRA Colmar, France

    Relighitng of several research shelves of the phytopathology department
    Supply of grow lights for a a research greenhouse

EUROFINS Lens, France

    Relighting of several research shelves in 2 grow chambers