• Vegeled© Floodlights

    Apollo LED Floodlight Series

    Projecteur LED Horticole VegeledThe Apollo LED platform is a very sturdy casing with a high cooling efficiency. Our most popular unit is a 250W waterproof led floodlight unit with a very sturdy corrosion proof white painting.

    The unit is equiped with 2 led boards equiped whith high quality high power led and 2 meanwell led drivers.

    It is also equiped with an adjustable bracket.

    Power levels

    The Apollo platforms allows to create floodlights from 60W to 1500W

    Beam angles

    It is possible to equip the LEDs with lenses to adjust the beam angle :

    • Symetric lenses : 15°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°
    • Asymetric lenses : 60°x90°, 60°x135°
    • Double asymetric lenses : 85°x45°, 85°x90°, 85°x135°

    Single or multiple channels

    The Apollo series can be :

    • Single channel on off
    • Single channel dimmable
    • Dual channels on off
    • Dual channels dimmable
    • Six channels dimmable

    Standard or custom spectrums

    We offer a wide range of spectrums to allow you to choose the best option for your production from ultra realistic sunlike to growth optimized red white.

    Light Spectrums
    1. Full Spectrum White 4000K
    2. Red White Spectrum for optimized vegetative growth
    3. Red White Spectrum for optimized vegetative growth with extra far red
    4. Dual Channel White + Far Red
    5. Six channels Blue + Whites + Reds + Far Red
    6. Ultra realistic Sunlike 5000K, as close as it can be to day light

    1. White Full Spect. 4000K 2. Red White 3. Red White Far Red
    4. White + Far Red (2ch) 5. Blue Red White FR (6ch) 6. Sunlike 5000K
    BX151 Red Blue